About Us

Hmm… So why Skoosh? Mocktails, milkshakes and soft drinks had become boring. They just didn’t excite our senses anymore. The flavours that made you go like ‘oh wow, that’s incredible!’ were also missing.

So we made Skoosh. To be fun and poppin’ (pun intended). Skoosh is unlike anything else on the market. It’s the drink that you didn’t know you wanted all along.

We put in great care and love to bring you a multi-sensory experience. You don’t just sip. You sip, pop and chew. All at once too!

With Skoosh, our vision was quite ambitious. It had to taste great and flavorful. But Skoosh also had to taste consistently great. Every. Single. Time. Similar to an off-the-shelf packaged food.

But consistency alone wasn’t enough. Skoosh also needed restaurant-style freshness. Combining both was definitely a challenge. So we went about inventing a new business model to serve the purpose.

By partnering with your favourite restaurants and also putting together DIY kits for your home, Skoosh aims to bring the world’s new favourite drink all across India!

Meet the team

Skoosh Bubble Tea Founder Vetri


Popping Bobas or Nata de Coco was something Vetri always loved in drinks (be it Mogu Mogu or Big Straw in Bangalore or the various brands abroad)! He found it hard to believe that something so loved by so many wasn’t able to carve its way into the market, and hence decided to nudge it along!
Prior to co-founding Skoosh, Vetri worked as a strategy consultant at Bain & Company for ~2 years, after having completed his MBA from IIM Bangalore.


Skoosh Bubble Tea Founder Akshay


Akshay had been used to all his friends raving about how good bubble tea is… and when he first tried it, he knew there was a market and a ton of scope for improvement! Being the business-minded individual he is, he jumped into action to start Skoosh!
Prior to Skoosh, Akshay worked as a Journalist at Swarajya. Before which he had his own start-up in the home services space.